Christian Capozzoli New Directorial Venture a Hit

Today we have movies, TV shows and series that take months to create and some even years. It involves a lot of planning and pre-production. But if you have a team like Christian Capozzoli, then your show can be created and ready to roll in just one day. Yes, you have heard be right. Christian Capozzoli is the director of the new show called The Improviser: Something from Nothing. It is basically just like the name, the team of four individuals who have nothing and they need to create their show on the spot instantly.

One person from the audience will give a suggestion or a topic and this group of 4 comedians will create a show out of this suggestion instantly. It involves a lot of experience and a team of creative minds to come together to pull off something like this ad it is Christian Capozzoli who is on everyone’s mind today who has managed the impossible. The show is a big hit and the improvisers have already performed over a hundred shows in front of live audiences across India, New York and Dubai. After its current success, they plan to perform these shows in other parts of United States of America and across Asia and Europe as well. This new format and show idea will always keep their viewers guessing on what will be the next topic, because the topic itself comes from the audience watching the show.

Christian Capozzoli is also a well known actor and has starred in many TV shows himself as an actor. He has been a part of a number of short films and TV series. The most recent outing to be, “The Week Of”, where Christian is a part of this comic caper which also stars Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.