Pre-Treating Your Carpet To Make It Shine

If you haven’t cleaned your carpets in a while, you need to use a pre-treatment cleaning solution before you wash your carpets. You don’t need to buy a pre-treatment kit separately since most carpet cleaners available in the market come with this kit which is usually a liquid and an applicator. Always read the instructions carefully before applying a pre-treatment agent to your carpets since these solutions are strong and you need to be careful. You can check for some of the best cleaners on

Begin From The End Of Your Room And Head Towards The Door

This sounds like something everyone would do, but there are a few brave souls who like to start from the door. This is not a great idea since you’ll end up walking on the cleaned surface and this might affect the cleaning process. Once you’ve cleaned your carpets try not to walk on it for a while.

Draw Straight Lines

If you want your carpets to look new and you don’t want to mess them up, always ensure you pull your cleaner in a straight line, some carpets have a furry appearance and pulling your cleaner in a random manner will make the carpet look shabby and untidy.

Don’t Over Soak

The more your soak, the longer your carpet will take to dry and this could make your carpet damp and it will release an unpleasant smell. Never over do the washing, a maximum of 3 to 4 wet strokes works well to get rid of all the dirt. Always apply more dry strokes as compared to the wet ones.

Use The Upholstery Cleaner On Stairs

Always choose a carpet cleaner that comes with various tools that can help to enhance your cleaning experience. The Upholstery tool is a must have since it not only helps in cleaning couches and other furniture, but it works really well to clean your stairs too.