A Close Look At Braun Bt5090

When it comes to facial aesthetics among men, one of the things that they put great focus on is the beard. Some people like to have it grown as long as it could, and have what is called a “goatee”, while some people prefer keeping it as trimmed as possible, or not be there at all, for various reasons. The most common of these reasons include company rules, and the like. If you are looking for a reliable trimmer for your beard, then the Braun bt5090 just might be the one that you’re looking for. What makes the said trimmer so reliable? Let’s find out below!

Allows for Precise Grooming

With the Braun bt5090, you don’t just have 3 to 5 set of lengths to choose from, but you have 25!  This allows you to have not just a more precise means of grooming, but it also allows you to get the style that you want for your beard. With a precise trimmer, you are able to get exact, event, repeatable, and reliable results, which gives you confidence in your very own beard. All of this, thanks to its click-and-lock mechanism.

Keeps Power Constant

This battery-powered trimmer for your beard allows you to keep the power constant, thanks to its dual battery system, for nobody wants to end up having a beard that’s only half-trimmed.


It takes just 1 hour for the trimmer to be fully-charged, and if you want to use it for just 1 minute or quicker, in the case of short beards, then you can just charge it for a quick 5 minutes. A full, 1-hour charge will suffice for 40 minutes.

Light-weight, Non-Bulky

The small size fits easily in your hand and allows for better monitoring of your trimming. It is also battery-powered, and hence you would not have to deal with bulky, annoying wires.