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Get The Best Out Of Your Blog

Posted July 5, 2018 By monster

The internet is a wide pool, the deeper you go, the better the result. If you’re wondering how to start a blog and how to promote it, email marketing is one of the best solutions.

Using Email Marketing To Promote Your Blog

The main aim for any email promoter is to create content which attracts users. While subject lines are the most important, the structure and content of the email is also important. The more attractive an email, the better the response that campaign gets. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Attractive Subject Lines

Subject lines are considered the life line of any email message and the subject line alone has the capability to determine whether or not a consumer will open the email or not. A subject line should always be exciting and include something like a special offer or discounted rates which increase the consumer’s interest to view the email. The most important factor in creating subject lines is the length. An ideal subject line is no longer than 50 characters.

Tips to create attractive subject lines

  1. A sense of urgency: Including a limited time offer in an email subject line encourages recipients to open the email.
  2. Focus on the most important message: Even though a subject line should not go beyond 50 characters, it is best to add the most important information in the subject line as this helps conveying the message even if the email is not opened.
  3. Gather information and get inspired: newspapers and magazines are really useful and can help you in coming up with some catchy subject lines.
  4. Learn from experience: Monitor your email campaigns and check to see which subject lines work better. Experiment for a while and then stick to the ones that work best.