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Think Insurance Services Limited are composed of professionals in the field of varying insurances. For the past 30 years and counting, they have earned a top spot in the industry because of their cheap part time motor trade insurance alongside other insurances with competitive prices and quality customer service. Sometimes, figuring out the exact insurance for every situation can be a confusing process especially when you think about the policy difference of full time and part time motor traders.

Is Part Time Motor Trade Insurance Required?

Motor traders might not think that they actually need part time motor trade insurance especially when you availed car insurances beforehand for family cars; many view at as unnecessary expenses. Think Insurance Services Limited offers insurance policies that covers family vehicles for commuting, domestic and social usage. Spouses could be covered with the part time motor trade insurance but for members below twenty five years old may sign up for the young driver insurance.

When Should You Go for Full Time Traders Insurance Policy?

Once your humble part time motor trade business gradually grows and turns into a full time job then it’s highly recommended to switch to full time motor trade policies. Failure on your part to upgrade the policy may void or cancel the current policy. The prices of the premiums will considerably decrease with the upgrade to full time traders. Free quotations for both full time and part time motor traders insurance are available at Think Insurance Services Limited. All you have to do is to fill out the online form or you can give them a call at the contact details displayed on the website. Don’t worry, it’s a free and no obligation quotation; find out how much more you could save.